About Us

CLEANROOM TOTAL SOLUTIONS (M) SDN. BHD. (CTS) is a contracting firm deal with cleanroom design, cleanroom building contract, cleanroom equipment and services related to environmental control. We also provide system designing & solutions for system upgrading & improvement of existing system. Our philosophy is to meet customer requirement & needs, maintain quality of work & ensure system performance stability is our main target in our project team.


We believe in our fulfillment in the market demand by providing professional & technical support in project management to achieve customer satisfaction & quality work results.


Our Cleanroom system design meets international standard requirement such as ISO standards, cGMP standards, Federal Standards depending on the clients industries and need. Our System also tested under the stringent NEBB certified company and follow certain recommended practise available by cleanroom related institution.

Company Business Products

  • Design & Builds Cleanroom Facillity (BUILT TIGHT, VENTILATE RIGHT)
  • Cleanroom Equipments
  • Cleanroom ESD Products
  • Cleanroom Garment & Apparel Products
  • Process Air Cooling & Ventilation System
  • Cleanroom Related Products & Services
  • Flooring System
  • Cleanroom Wall & Partition
  • Cleanroom Related Control System

Cleanroom Equipment

Air Shower

Air Shower is a self contained chambers installed at entrance to cleanroom and other controlled environments. It minimizes particulate matter entering or exiting the clean space. Personnel and materials entering or exiting the controlled environment are “Shower” by high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets with velocities of 20-25m/s .


Contaminated air is then drawn through the part then filtered and recirculated.

CTS is a supplier in air showers for demanding applications in the micro-electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, spray-painting, and food markets.

Cleanroom Applications: the greatest source of particulate contamination in a cleanroom is the operators.


Air shower is installed between change room and the cleanroom. The air shower enhances cleanroom operating protocol by serving as a reminder to all operators that they are entering a controlled environment. Personnel therefore develop the habit of gowning up properly before entering the air shower.

Cleanroom Pass Box/ Transfer Hatch

Pass boxs are essential for transferring product to and from your cleanroom environment. The interlocking door mechanism offers protection against possible airborne contamination from loss of pressure inside the cleanroom. It also provides the most efficient way to transport material without having to expend time going through the gowning process.


CLEAN BENCH creates low cost localized clean environment for a particular area. There are 2 choices of Clean Bench: Vertical Flow Type & Horizontal Cross Flow Type.

  • High degree of Airborne Cleanliness, ISO Class 5 with HEPA Fan Filter Unit
  • Low noise level, economical power consumption & high efficiency
  • Body chassis can be epoxy finished steel or stainless steel
  • Custom made size available


CTS can provide a cleanbench for virtually any cleanroom application. They're available as free standing horizontal cleanbenches, free standing vertical flow cleanbenches/ horizontal/ vertical flow counter top styles. These laminar flow hoods are also available as negative pressure, inflow models to contain contaminates or fumes.


Cleanroom cabinets can be 2 feet to 12 feet long, with various sizes of work zones. Our cleanbenches are either painted steel or stainless steel in construction. Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom HEPA filter is standard, or optional class 10 (ISO 4).


The Clean Booth is a cost efficient alternative to a clean room. Cleanliness class 10 is achievable with this versatile equipment that is expandable, portable and durable. The framework offers a stable structure yet requires minimal construction time. The adjustable support allows for easy height adjustment.